Soap / Drama
Cooks Avenue

Genre: Soap

Duration:  30 minutes

Episodes: 56 plus

Watch the Cooks deal with issues of life in their daily existence. This riveting drama addresses basic family issues in the home and how the Cooks, headed by a Young man, Mr Cook who has a high flying job in advertising, and his wife Mrs Cook a Strong career women, working in the banking sector, the extended family, friends and co - workers. 

Divorce Court

Genre: Drama

Duration: 30 Minutes Episdoes: 20 plus


Divorce court is a T.V weekly pre-recorded drama where different couples will present their case in court while the judge and lawyers will deliberate on the issue that has brought them to the divorce court. The programme also  reveals  fibrous roots of a broken home

 The effects {emotional, psychological, physical and financial}on the spouse, the children and the society at large.What can be done to divert divorce even at the court level, and how to build strong re-generated marital bliss.The link between a happy home and God







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