TrendCorp Africa and Trend Media City receive strong interest at the ANNID convention in Los Angeles December 5th 2012

The Udemba Group Ltd (TUG), one of the leading Nigerian group involved in Engineering, Construction, Media and Entertainment, is proud to announce its participation at the first All Nigerians Nationals In Diaspora's (ANNID) convention.

This event took place in Los Angeles from November 29th to December 2nd. Nigerians from various parts of the world gathered for this first edition, which focused on free fair elections and security as a panacea for sustainable economic, social and political development in Africa. It was also an opportunity to share experiences encountered while doing business in Nigeria, to exchange ideas on potential improvements and to discover new solutions or projects which will contribute to strengthen the economic environment, to enhance the image of Nigeria overseas and to improve the standard of living in Nigeria.

The Udemba Group Ltd (TUG) was participating at this convention to showcase the existing popular TrendCorp services and present Trend Media City Ltd, its development arm which aims to build Smart Cities in Africa that will become the African hubs for the creative industry and home to businesses that will unleash great wealth while contributing to knowledge and pursuit of peace.

"It was quite a challenge to organize an event of this magnitude, starting from scratch", said Chief Peter Mozie, ANNID Global Chairman and Chairman of the Diaspora Advisory Council. "We are encouraged by the positive outcome and the high quality of communication achieved. It gives us the conviction that Nigerians abroad can reach sufficient coordination level to interact with the Nigerian government and bring about ideas that will transform the Nigerian economic and social landscape".

"I congratulate ANNID on their First convention as it is building a momentum in the coordination of the action of Nigerians in Diaspora", commented Mr. Uzo Udemba, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of TUG. "It was a unique opportunity for us to present our modest project, the Trend Media City. We strongly believe that our initiative will contribute to grow the Nigerian economy through the implementation of a complete integrated ecosystem that will empower the creative industries and bring them to the next level of success."


ANNID is the umbrella association of Nigerians in Diaspora recognized by the present Nigerian government and works to reverse the brain drain in Nigeria through brain gain. ANNID also works to bring in the much needed foreign capital from Diaspora Nigerians and foreign investors to accelerate the development of Nigeria. ANNID held its first global convention in Los Angeles from November 29th to December 2nd 2012. For more information, please visit our web-site

About The Udemba Group Ltd (TUG)

The Udemba Group Ltd (TUG), the owner of Schwartz Kristoffel Engineering Services Limited, TrendCorp Africa and Trend Media City Ltd (TMC), is a leading Nigerian group involved in Engineering, Construction, Media and Entertainment.

Schwartz Kristoffel is a main Nigerian EPC contractor leveraging local knowledge with technical partnerships with some of the world's best Engineering companies.

TrendCorp Africa is a leading Pay-TV provider, operating a Direct-To-Home multi-channel satellite service available in all Sub Sahara African countries and a terrestrial service delivered to 12 cities across Nigeria, making it the largest MMDS cable TV operator in Nigeria. Trend Media City Limited, the project developer arm of the group, seeks to build a city of the future in Africa, within a spectacular "eco- friendly city" and become a model for the rest of the world to follow.

The city will provide the best leisure activities for visitors from all over the world, in addition to a business park and a film city, which will produce the best of motion pictures and TV programs to the highest global standards for distribution all around the world.

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