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Communication Trends Limited (CTL), a wholly Nigerian Company was founded in 1994 to provide entertainment and data transmission services to the Nigerian market via television and personal computer.
Licensed by the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), the company began the Multipoint Microwave Distribution System (MMDS) service in 1995, having introduced into Africa the revolutionary Multicipher technology supplied by CALIFORNIA AMPLIFIER INC which allows simultaneous viewing of Cable Satellite channels using one decoder at dispersed places.

The introduction of this unique technology in the satellite cable television industry brought with it easy access to world events in real time and at an affordable cost to Nigerians.
CTL has grown to become the dominant brand name in Cable TV in Nigeria and the largest MMDS Cable operator in the whole of Africa with operations in 12 major Nigerian cities.

CTL has had National and International recognitions and Awards in the past including its admission into the American National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) “ Customer Wall of Fame” in April, 2000 as a company that met all commitments and kept every word it gave to its vendors, associates and partners. In 2002 at the WCA meeting in San Jose United States, CTL became the first African company to win the WEMMIE award.

In 1999, the company partnered Hybrid networks inc to launch the first broadband wireless internet service in Africa using the MMDS frequency. Its broadband service, christened Supernet 300, was voted the best ISP in West Africa for the year 2001.
The experience and success made of the MMDS business and the yearning of Nigerians to have a credible alternative in their Direct satellite Tv service, propelled the company to move into the more challenging terrain of digital Direct Satellite Tv broadcast with the launch in December 2003, of its DTH service, the TREND TV. TREND TV promises to change for good, the way multiple channel pay Tv service is perceived in Africa.

Communication Trends Limited and Trend Tv were recently honored by the United States Department of Commerce.
The Award is in recognition of the companies’ outstanding contributions toward strengthening the Commercial relationship and Trade between the United States and Nigeria.

Established in 2003, Trend Tv is set out to supply viewers and platform owners, across Africa and beyond, a wide range of African programme contents and TV channels with quality African programmes from around Africa. Trend Tv channels are broadcast via satellite on Intelsat IS 10 frequency downlink frequency 12602 MHz, which covers the whole of Africa.

Trendtv runs three channels; CTL Africa, a free-to-air, General interest programming channel which takes advertising. CTL Africa is a free to air TV channel. It is a mix of dramas, documentaries, soap operas African telenovelas, general entertainment for the whole family – offered FREE OF CHARGE to sub subscribers across the African continent. It provides a window for African producers and film makers to exhibit their products FREE of charge on advert revenue share only.

Nollywood Movies which features Premium movies that shows the best films from Nigeria with A list Actors, the cream of Nigeria celebrity film industry and top movies from across Africa.
And Nollywood Movies Plus, a mix of French movies, local languages programmes, from North Africa, Southern Africa, East Africa, Central and West Arica. A truly African entertainment channel. Both Movie channels on subscription.

Other Channels include, African Fashion; African Comedy Channel, Lest We Forget – Documentary Channel; African Cinema etc

Trend welcomes fellow Africans from the East, West, North and South to a long and mutually beneficial journey in partnership that will change the way business is conducted in Africa. Trend Tv continues to maintain its strong focus on developing and promoting indigenous African content and empowering African artists and other talents. It is a business model that entails strong partnership with installers and distributors of its service. It is a business model routed in our cherished African tradition of being our brothers’ (and sisters’) keepers. It entails extending maximum courtesy and customer care to our subscribers and sharing monthly subscription payments with dealers and installers on a continuous basis



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